Skort/Zara similar HERE
Bag/B-low the Belt


July 18, 2014

Beach Waves

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July 16, 2014

Hello NBR

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Most of my clients wear only 1.5 rows of Natural Beaded Rows. This creates more fullness with less damage. I have tried a little of everything when it comes to extensions. I believe that it all comes down to, the less areas attached to the head the less damage. So how do we create the same fullness with less? With NBR. SIMPLIFY. Color and cut also plays a huge roll in blending… With my education I also share color and cutting secrets, and not just installation. For this client I chose to bump her base with a 7 ash, add a few more face framing highlights, and then smudge the color down a bit more with REDKEN shades EQ, and left her ends out. I then brought out more of the highlights by choosing 3 different extension colors and placed them to blend. (Yes, rows can be multiple shades and blend better than tape or single strand.)

July 14, 2014

Denim Jumpsuit

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Denim Jumpsuit/ Velvet Heart
Necklace/ Windsor
Shoes/ Christian Louboutin
Bag/ B-low the Belt