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This last weekend my husband and I decided to take a last minute trip to Mexico  Literally we booked on a Wednesday and left on a Friday. We stayed at the Rosewood Mayakoba in Playa del Carmen which is about 45 minutes from Cancun, and about an hour past Mayakoba is Tulum. Rosewood Is a kinda a honeymoon resort. I loved it because it’s quiet and the beaches are amazing.  They have ocean view suites but honestly, I prefered the ones on canal. When we arrived they gave us the choice took look at both and the canal rooms are nicer. Its  like a little house in the jungle and very secluded. Each suite comes with your own beach cruiser that you can take a short 5-minute ride to the pool and beach area. They also have golf carts that can take you around the resort or you can take a boat.

We Were only there from Friday to Monday but we experienced  alot on this trip.  The first day we decided to head to Tulum. On the way we stoped at a cenote, which is the photo with water that looks like its in a cave. One thing you may not know based on most bloggers photos is they are usually not as secluded  as they look. Most cenotes are with a small group on a guided tour. Don’t get me wrong its still beautiful and a fun experience,  but not like I just randomly ran into a beautiful body of water and decided to take a dip;)  We also went zip lining and the same place. It’s weird most places you drive around and its like an outdoor amusement park, only the rides are four wheeling, snorkeling, zip lining, and cenote swimming. They have multiple parks that offer all of these experiences.

After we headed down to Tulum and checked out the Mayan Ruins. This was so cool! The beaches here are also amazing. Agian It not like we just stuumbled upon the Ruins its very touristy but still a fun expirience. We ventured more into the city. Tulum is not what I expected at all. I loved it, everything is very botique style, Hotel resturants everything. Its small and you feel like you are in the middel of no where but at the same time you can go shopping bar hoping or even salso dancing.  We had a driver from our hotel driving us around so he could give us the inside scoop of where to go. A hot spot for dinner there is a resturant called Hartwood which is also right next to some really cute botiques we went shopping before hand. Two or the boutiques I liked ( which is actually where I purchased the red Bikini and hat I have on with the white swim suit.) were called Hoki Poki Kana,  and Biuriful. Another Cute botique hotel we went and ate lunch at was called Posada. We loved Tulum so much we ended coming back the next day as well with our driver onlt this time we stoped in Playa Del Carmen. This is where you can do some shopping but more like a mix of American mall stores, and Mexican suvioner shops. This was fun to walk though but not my ideal shopping. We then contined to Tulum where we went bar hoping and ended the Night Salsa dancing at a hotel called La Zebra Hotel.

Overall I would defiantly recommend taking a trip there and it was fun to experience the resort feel as well as the small boutique side of things in Tulum. It reminded me kinda a where I live in Orange County and Tulum was my little Laguna Beach in Mexico.

All my looks from this trip you can shop below