April 20, 2014

Blonde Envy

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Blonde 101:
Placement and timing, lifting vs. depositing all place a major role in color. The same formulation on one clients does not equal the same results on another. I have noticed if you want that beige or wheat blonde, it is easier to achieve this look when depositing on bleach blondes because you have to work for your warmth.;) When adding depth and dimension to a bleach blonde I usually recommend a soft base bump (don’t over bump). A lot of times I bump the base with the same level they already are, this just gives it a softer appearance. Step out of your comfort zone of the traditional level 8 base. When lifting hair it will always pull warm, therefor you have to tone…. why do we always reach for the 9V?? Does this really do much? Try a 7 to tone, this will give you that wheat or beige appearance. Almost every time I finish a color I then free hand random pieces. This is where the timing plays a big role, bleach left on only for a couple minutes can give the ends shine. A semi permanent painted for that last few minutes can tone. It’s  about creating BALANCE in your colors.
All of these clients are wearing Natural Beaded Row Extensions For more information CLICK #1 Secret Box.

Happy Painting Everyone & think outside the BOX this week

April 16, 2014

Rips & Stipes

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Top/Elizabeth and James



This client/NBR specialist came in from Maine to shadow and learn Natural Beaded Rows with me. I have been getting stylist from all over the country that want to implement NBR. I will soon be offering one class a month. My shadowing and class,  includes my online education. Follow up is huge when learning a new technique. With the online education you will be able to go back at any time when you have questions or concerns and review a video. Most clients to do a full set is just over an hour(with color 3 hours)! NBR is faster with less damage, which is a great solution for the the stylist and the client. They also hide great (watch some my youtube videos on how I pull it up or braid). Oh and the removal process takes 5 minutes. CLICK my #1 secret box for more information.  

Here is some more more from this past week…


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