Watch this video to help create better photos, I am a rookie when it come to photography, but just knowing a few basics and purchasing a better camera has helped me to improve my marketing. There is nothing worse than taking a photo that doesn’t do your work justice. I have realized a great photo is 80% lighting. Here in this post are 2 examples of I photo I took in good lighting the first shot was done with my Cannon T5i. My 7 year old took this photo!! If you know the basics you can set up your own shot. The second photo is a selfie in the same spot then edited with my favorite apps. You can see with good lighting both are a decent shot, the first one it more clear and detailed. Start by practicing with your cell phone. When you feel you have the lighting down then invest in your self! If you like this post Tag me on IG #selfie @dkwstyling

Happy mid-week Editing Everyone!

Must have Apps, FramUrlife, Whitagram, PicFx, Square Ready, Camera +, XFlipPhoto, Facetune


Tee/Style Lately
Hat/Old similar HERE
Denim/ Similar HERE
Bracelets/ David Yurman, Gillian Julius
Bag/ Behind the belt
Lip/ YSL Lips Shine

September 9, 2014


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Fall Fashion Cravings fallfall2


September 7, 2014


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Top/3×1, also seen HERE
Button up/JCREW
Watch/Michel,Bracelet/David Yurman

September 5, 2014

Wheat blonde

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This client is wearing 22, and 18″ Natural Beaded Row Hair Extensions. We chose to warm up her base with a 6 ash 20 volume, (my rule for blondes is lift with ash deposit with warmth). We then foil/hair painted bleach 20 volume. What is hair painting?? This is where after I finish my base, then foil, I look at hair to see where I want to to lift or deposit color and free hand or paint on the ends. I use my foils as my dividers. Her extensions were done with 8a which is an ash wheat blonde. Them I mixed in an 18, which is a light sandy blonde. Wheat or beige hair to me is a combination of cool and warm tones to create balance in the hair.

Happy Painting Everyone!